The Kindness Council at OWIS

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 20/10/18 16:33

The research is in, and it turns out that kindness in schools reduces bullying, improves student health and helps children focus on their academic progress. At One World International School (OWIS), we trust the experts and we believe our experience, so we know kindness works. We're excited to announce that this term we are launching our new Kindness Council.

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The Importance of PSPE in PYP: The OWIS Commitment

Posted by Erin Smith on 28/08/18 10:15

PSPE is a relatively new concept in learning, and many parents may not have heard of this acronym. Defined as personal, social and physical education, this type of curriculum is up-and-coming in the world of global education, and OWIS is at the forefront of this innovative curriculum.

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The Value of a Quality Staff Room At OWIS

Posted by Jasween Gill on 24/08/18 07:00

At OWIS, we pride ourselves on providing a world-class learning experience for our students. We know that a large part of providing this superior education lies in including an excellent work experience for our teachers.

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A Week at Early Childhood

Posted by Dawn Ross on 20/08/18 10:00

A strong early childhood education prepares children to be lifelong learners. Through the guidance of their teachers and their own exploration, they are introduced to the wonders of the world. With an age-appropriate curriculum, the children should be introduced to various academic concepts through hands-on, play-based activities that fully engage them.

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Programme of Inquiry

Posted by Erin Smith on 16/08/18 15:00

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) is a transdisciplinary framework where students learn to be inquisitive, independent thinkers. The Programme of Inquiry (POI) outlines what students will focus on at each grade level, from early childhood through fifth grade. At One World International School, our POI was developed by experienced teachers and administrators to align with the PYP and OWIS philosophies.

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A Week at Primary School

Posted by Erin Smith on 08/08/18 07:00

Each morning your child will arrive, ready to learn, to be warmly greeted by their class   teachers. Once they have unpacked their bags, they organise themselves and prepare for the day.  Our students collectively call out the day, date and timetable as they learn to make better sense of the calendar and their world.  We start the day with quiet reading and reflect upon the day’s global news as well as student announcements and events; all while creating a positive mindset for the day ahead.

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Inquiry-Led Learning: Less Teaching, More Thinking

Posted by Rachelyn Gordon on 31/07/18 09:00

In a traditional classroom, students are encouraged to retain information through memorisation. It's a passive method of learning that may help a student achieve an adequate test score. But information gained in this manner is often forgotten, because the child who 'learned' it had no active role in gaining the knowledge - other than that of leaning over a tablet or copying words from a whiteboard. There is little-to-no inquiry-led learning in this type of classroom.

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Our Early Childhood Educators Lay the Foundation for Primary School Success

Posted by Dawn Ross on 25/07/18 17:00

When the pieces of an early childhood education come together well, they lay the foundation for a successful school career for the child. They will be able to enter their later school years confidently and ready to tackle the challenges that lie before them. At OWIS, our early childhood teachers remain the foundation for this education. They understand how to immerse students in our material, guiding them to explore and learn about their world in exciting new ways each day. Our students finish their early childhood education ready to succeed in their primary education.

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How does IB PYP Help in Transitioning to National Curricula?

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 21/07/18 17:00

Parents who are relocating to a new country often find themselves faced with a lot of decisions that have lasting consequences for their children. One of the most important decisions that parents have to make is deciding which school they will send their child to once they have moved to a new country. Subsequently, parents who are moving back to their home country are often concerned about their children acclimating to the curricula offered in the home country.

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What should you be looking out for while visiting a school ?

Posted by Jasween Gill on 11/07/18 14:00

At One World International School, we encourage parents to connect with the school community. This can begin even before your child is enrolled. Visiting the school ahead of time allows parents to meet teachers and other students, giving them an up-close look at our school culture and programmes. Families who want to get better acquainted with us have multiple ways to do so.

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