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Why Music Is Important In Our Schools

Posted by Claire Andersen on 05/11/19 06:11

Bang the Drum and Get it On – why music in our schools is so very important!

Can you imagine a life without music? It would be like a home without love. As soon as we are born we respond to the sounds around us and the first thing we hear is our mother’s voice. And that’s the same voice which sings us to sleep and hums those long-forgotten melodies which are set in our hearts.

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The Value of Hobbies and Co-curricular activities in education

Posted by Claire Andersen on 16/06/18 07:00

What does Warren Buffet do in his downtime? He plays bridge and ukulele. You can find Richard Branson kite surfing, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo making honey and the actor Liam Neeson fly-fishing. These are just a few examples of the different hobbies enjoyed by successful business leaders and celebrities. This wide range of activities demonstrates just how important hobbies are to personal growth, learning and innovation– and that’s why OWIS encourages all students to pursue their own hobbies and co-curricular activities.

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Music Plays a LOUD Role in Your Child’s Education

Posted by Claire Andersen on 24/05/18 09:18

Should music play a role in your child's education? Experts think so. According to the National Association for Music Education, music in the classroom is important for several reasons, among them -- the development of vital skills students need to be successful in life.

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