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Why is Creativity, Activity and Service so Important at OWIS?

Posted by Gary Holland on 06/12/19 04:17

We live in challenging times. Climate change is negatively affecting agriculture and food production. Communities are increasingly concerned about how they can conserve natural resources while sustaining growing populations. Fluctuations in the economy, inequitable distribution of resources and an unpredictable job market are making it nearly impossible for disadvantaged people to climb out of poverty. Now more than ever, students need more than textbook knowledge to conquer today's complex problems. At OWIS, that's where creativity, activity, and service (CAS) comes in.

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Topics: Secondary school, International School

Creativity, Activity and Service

Posted by Gary Holland on 28/01/19 10:15

Students need a way to bridge the classroom and the community.

Otherwise, they spend time studying theories they cannot apply and then engage in real-world practices that do not correlate with the fundamentals taught at school.

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Topics: High School


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