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Ralph Tabberer is the member of advisory board at Global Schools Foundation. He is also the chairman and owner of BBD Education, a management services company focused on school start-ups and on the growth of School Groups, primarily across the Middle East and the UK. Previously, Ralph served as the Chief Schools Officer at GEMS Education, the Director General of Schools at the UK Department for Children, Schools and Families, as well as Chief Executive of the Training and Development Agency for Schools.
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Three International Journeys point to the Secret to Successful School Systems

Posted by Prof. Ralph Tabberer on 18/11/17 14:00

Creating a high-performing school is a goal that exercises educators in every generation. In 2007, a McKinsey Report tackled this question: How did the world's best performing school systems come out on top?

This is a great question to wrestle with when you are trying to design the structure for a new school; and it's a question I have been studying for almost 40 years.

In order to answer this question for myself, I have taken three different journeys around the world to analyse school systems and see what is working, and why. Here's what I have found.

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3 Big Future Trends in Education

Posted by Prof. Ralph Tabberer on 14/11/17 09:00

In my educational career of 40 years, I have held teaching, advisory and superintendent roles in schools. I have headed global educational companies as well as major government agencies. I have served as the most senior government official in my home country and led the whole school system.

And, all the time,  I have kept up a lively debate with business and government leaders, as well as educators, about where learning is heading and how it impacts our world today.

In my career, I have seen three waves of change sweep round the world’s schools. The first wave showed us how much variability there was in individual school performance and that recognition led reformers to bring in modern management techniques that tried to assure everyone of better quality.

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Quality Education at Moderate Fees - Here's How It's Done

Posted by Prof. Ralph Tabberer on 30/10/17 18:00

As I look back over my years of experience in education and my tours around the world, looking at the best of the best, two questions stay at the forefront of my mind:

How can we reproduce the quality that exists in the finest schools, while offering a thoughtfully-priced education for students and their families?

Is it truly possible to charge less than other schools in the same city or region, while still providing the same or even better level of education?

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