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Technology - How It Impacts Learning and Improves Security and Safety at OWIS

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 11/11/17 17:00

There’s little doubt that state-of-the-art technology, when used in a learning environment, offers students an educational edge over basic online tools. At the OWIS Nanyang Campus, we recognise this need and offer only the very best in resources that give our students the finest education and an edge over the rest.

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Our approach in delivering quality and modernity spans far beyond the basics. The technology provided at our Nanyang Campus consists of devices designed to help your child navigate and learn. Our combined infrastructure supports optimal learning with no impediments.

Devices Necessary to Exploration and Education

OWIS_25619_ 0641We begin with devices such as AppleTV and iPad in the classroom as well as LED display panels to optimise student engagement. Advanced audio reinforcement underscores the learning process by ensuring the students grasp the information presented to them in ways they can understand. Rapid Wi-Fi keeps pace with the flow of study. A charging trolley promises no downtime due to depleted battery.

Educational Applications and Software to Foster Learning

Of course, the very best hardware and devices aren’t really important if the software and applications aren’t equally outstanding. At the Nanyang Campus, we believe in software that’s both grade-level appropriate and challenging. Our educational software is designed to hold students’ interest as they are encouraged to go further in their capacity to learn.

We utilise ‘Seesaw’ as a means of keeping parents involved in the learning process. Students can maintain their portfolio of work and “show what they know” so that parents can augment the learning process at home. Also, being able to take pride in their learning process allows the child to grow in self-esteem and confidence, something every student needs in order to move forward.

Backend Support and Maintenance

Our backend technology is exemplary. The servers, applications, networks, and databases are supported, secured, and maintained at the highest levels. Students have access to our technology infrastructure at all times, ensuring there’s no interruption in the flow of learning during their formative years.

Confidence in Safety and Security

Demanding reliable functionality means that the security and safety of our Nanyang Campus is continually being monitored by talented professionals. The safety of our students is not taken lightly. We’re able to utilise the latest in security & surveillance systems to defuse any threat to our student population at a moment’s notice. We want our students to recognise that a world of opportunity exists beyond the familiar, and we provide the necessary safety net of a secure learning environment to allow them to explore that world.

We see the future developing at breakneck speed. The constant updates to technology and the way in which we harness them has tremendous impact on your child’s life, today and tomorrow. The ideal educational environment uses a mature, comprehensive, and time-tested approach. Making certain our students master technology, in its various avatars, and use it to navigate the world that’s around them means that they are well-equipped for a lifetime of learning.

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