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Technology in the classroom: what we're doing right at OWIS

Posted by Erin Smith on 05/11/18 08:30

Delivering The Highest-Quality Learning Experience: Getting Intimate With Technology  

Although textbooks were once the crux of a classroom, it's technology that engages children today. From laptops and desktop computers to iPads and smartphones, educational tools in the twenty-first century bear little resemblance to the books, papers and sharpened pencils teachers were handing out just two decades ago.


Teaching methods have changed too. What once required heavy textbooks and acres of loose leaf paper can now be accomplished using simple, lightweight tools such as the iPad Pro. It's a change formed by necessity as the world becomes increasingly global. Learning is no longer limited by geographic boundaries or access to transportation. With the simple swipe of a screen, entire classrooms gain instant access to an infinite amount of online knowledge, and students learn the valuable skills they need to compete in a world that's becoming increasingly reliant on technology.

The Technology Landscape at One World International School

At One World International School (OWIS) our teachers use the iPad Pro as one of the tools in our classroom. This tablet offers your child access to nearly endless varieties of educational applications, including Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides which the student can use to plan, outline and perfect multimedia presentations, write essays, explore text and more. In line with this technology, our teachers use Google Classroom, Apple Classroom and Seesaw to interact with both students and parents, to share information as a class, post assignments, and track students’ progress.

The use of technology at OWIS creates a mutually beneficial partnership between teachers, students and parents, as children learn to explore, create, think, design and write, using the tools and gaining the knowledge they'll need to compete in an increasingly global society.

An Endless Wealth of Applications for OWIS Students

The educational applications offered by the iPad are fun and engaging. They help children test the boundaries of their knowledge and abilities whilst providing instant gratification for task achievements. Additional tools such as Apple Pencil enable students to perform a range of educational activities, including taking notes, sketching, painting, editing and illustrating, whilst Assembly allows children to create stunning artwork and logos using simple vector graphics on an easy drag, drop, flip and rotate platform. Book Creator makes it possible for students to write, illustrate and even publish original stories in the iTunes Store. Children can develop their creative skills with fonts, images, layouts and more.

Happy kid enjoying sunny late summer and autumn day in nature on green grass

Even coding becomes possible with applications such as Swift Playgrounds, the student-friendly approach to learning Swift, Apple's own programming language. Coding, animation, robotics and even augmented reality become educational tools to help students become proficient in the ever-growing world of computer science.

When you're ready to enrol your child at One World International School, fill out our online form. We're waiting to answer your questions, arrange a tour of our scenic campus or meet with you to discuss your child's future. At OWIS, by using technology we can encourage our students to explore, create, think and design by helping them challenge the boundaries in which they are used to.



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