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Why is the Inquiry Cycle Important for Learners?

Posted by Erin Smith on 10/01/20 20:45

At One World International School, learning comes alive for students as they discover their passions and interests through different avenues of learning, for example, taking on a role similar to junior scientists, formulating and testing hypotheses. Through the Inquiry Cycle, they explore new knowledge and ideas in authentic contexts; developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help them become successful for a future unknown.

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A Week at Early Childhood

Posted by Dawn Ross on 20/08/18 10:00

A strong early childhood education prepares children to be lifelong learners. Through the guidance of their teachers and their own exploration, they are introduced to the wonders of the world. With an age-appropriate curriculum, the children should be introduced to various academic concepts through hands-on, play-based activities that fully engage them.

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Early Childhood Educators Lay the Foundation for Success

Posted by Dawn Ross on 25/07/18 17:00

When the pieces of an early childhood education come together well, they lay the foundation for a successful school career for the child. They will be able to enter their later school years confidently and ready to tackle the challenges that lie before them. At OWIS, our early childhood teachers remain the foundation for this education. They understand how to immerse students in our material, guiding them to explore and learn about their world in exciting new ways each day. Our students finish their early childhood education ready to succeed in their primary education.

Here are just a few ways that our teachers demonstrate their expertise and the things that make OWIS unique.

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3 Reasons to Choose the OWIS Early Years Programme for Your Child

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 20/06/18 07:00

As a parent, one of the most important decisions you will make for your child is the decision to enrol your child in a pre-education programme. With multiple early childhood education philosophies such as Reggio Emilia and Montessori, there is much to consider when selecting a preschool or daycare in Singapore.

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Top 3 Elements of an Early Childhood Curriculum

Posted by Dhwani Pandya on 24/04/18 18:35

As young children emerge from infancy and toddlerhood, they are ready to foster a sense of independence as they explore the world around them. It is during this inquisitive, exciting stage that children blossom into lifelong learners who enjoy and value their educational opportunities.

Recognising this essential time in a child’s development, parents will want to enrol their child in a school that understands the fundamental concepts that need to be included in any early childhood education programme. At One World International School, we believe that our youngest learners should be immersed in an interactive, play-based environment.

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Why Choose the PYP Early Years Curricula at OWIS?

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 10/02/18 07:00

At One World International School, we understand the critical importance of early childhood education for laying the foundation for your children’s cognitive, social and emotional development. The right programme can maximise your child’s development during this formative period while cultivating a life-long love of learning and self-inquiry. It develops children into passionate and inquisitive learners who always ask questions, seek to find answers and thrive on knowledge. OWIS follows the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), a curriculum framework that includes an “Early Years” component designed for preschool-age children prior to the start of formal schooling. PYP Early Years focuses on inquiry-led, play-based learning in rich and stimulating learning environments that integrate the natural world into the classroom, both indoors and outside. It makes education a fun and enjoyable experience while always ensuring that key learning targets are met. Our teachers too, are constantly learning and developing their skills and ensure that students are on the correct learning pathway.

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How Early Childhood Education Sets Your Child Up for Success

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 20/01/18 07:00

It may come as a surprise to some parents, but between the ages of three and five, young learners will establish the foundation needed for a lifetime of educational success. On the surface, early childhood education programmes may seem like a lot of playtime with a few simple art projects mixed in, but young students are doing some serious learning in the classroom.

For example, students who are listening to a story that their teacher is reading are developing their pre-literacy skills. Those that are playing with blocks and other manipulatives are grasping the basics of pre-numeracy skills.

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