What is International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme?

Posted by Saumya Pandey on 10/12/18 11:34

One World International School strives to provide its children with the best learning environment possible. Beyond our core curriculum programme, we are seeking to become a school where our students can develop into future global leaders. Currently, OWIS is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

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Selecting the Right Secondary School for your Children

Posted by Jasween Gill on 10/12/18 08:15

A high quality secondary school curriculum is vital for the future success of its students. These secondary years allow students to enhance their natural talents and gain in-depth knowledge of their chosen subject matter, which will support them throughout University and in their onward careers. Parents seeking to enroll their children in an international school in Singapore have several curricular options to choose from.

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Choosing an International School for your child

Posted by Jasween Gill on 19/11/18 08:04

When selecting an international school for their children, expatriate families should consider what type of curriculum the school adopts. International schools in Singapore have the freedom and flexibility to decide which approach they choose to align with. The most popular options available are detailed below, the first 3 of which are available for children up to age 6.

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Technology in the classroom: what we're doing right at OWIS

Posted by Erin Smith on 05/11/18 08:30

Delivering The Highest-Quality Learning Experience: Getting Intimate With Technology  

Although textbooks were once the crux of a classroom, it's technology that engages children today. From laptops and desktop computers to iPads and smartphones, educational tools in the twenty-first century bear little resemblance to the books, papers and sharpened pencils teachers were handing out just two decades ago.

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The new Library at OWIS

Posted by Susanne Clover on 02/11/18 08:30

At One World International School (OWIS), we are joining the reading revolution and launching a new library this academic term.  The future of libraries is open, digital and collaborative. Those silent spaces of yesteryear, characterised by ageing volumes and single-space workstations, are giving way to the needs of the cyber age.  

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The House System at OWIS

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 31/10/18 13:45

In the long-standing tradition of the world's best schools, we recently restructured our houses at One World International School (OWIS).  Created to support our kindness initiative and emphasising oneness with the world, our four houses represent the diversity that OWIS offers.    

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The Kindness Council at OWIS

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 20/10/18 16:33

The research is in, and it turns out that kindness in schools reduces bullying, improves student health and helps children focus on their academic progress. At One World International School (OWIS), we trust the experts and we believe our experience, so we know kindness works. We're excited to announce that this term we are launching our new Kindness Council.

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The Importance of PSPE in PYP: The OWIS Commitment

Posted by Erin Smith on 28/08/18 10:15

PSPE is a relatively new concept in learning, and many parents may not have heard of this acronym. Defined as personal, social and physical education, this type of curriculum is up-and-coming in the world of global education, and OWIS is at the forefront of this innovative curriculum.

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The Value of a Quality Staff Room At OWIS

Posted by Jasween Gill on 24/08/18 07:00

At OWIS, we pride ourselves on providing a world-class learning experience for our students. We know that a large part of providing this superior education lies in including an excellent work experience for our teachers.

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A Week at Early Childhood

Posted by Dawn Ross on 20/08/18 10:00

A strong early childhood education prepares children to be lifelong learners. Through the guidance of their teachers and their own exploration, they are introduced to the wonders of the world. With an age-appropriate curriculum, the children should be introduced to various academic concepts through hands-on, play-based activities that fully engage them.

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