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How Digitisation is Changing Education

Posted by Angelo Govender on 04/01/20 00:10

Digitisation isn’t a new term, but it is undoubtedly a highly relevant one today, which is having a huge impact. Driven by the capabilities of new, advanced technologies and the evolving expectations of society, the world-at-large is changing, and all aspects of life are being disrupted. Especially the workplace and, subsequently, the demands from education.

The education system certainly wasn’t the first sector to adapt to the digital revolution, but it is now making amends for its slow uptake by capitalising on the new, enhanced possibilities that tech disruption provides.

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Spending an Evening with Michelle Obama

Posted by Luna Deller on 02/01/20 13:16

One World International School recently had the opportunity to send five students to attend “An Evening with Michelle Obama” at Singapore Expo, during her book tour in Singapore. Our lucky students also got a chance to meet former First Lady, Mrs Obama, personally at a VIP gathering before the event where they were able to ask her questions. This is something that Luna Deller, Senior Coordinator at OWIS, who accompanied the students, will never forget.

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Education Trends in Asia - and Why it Matters

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 23/12/19 20:00

Education: In the Beginning

Not so many years ago, education was a fairly simple thing. Government schools everywhere muddled along, continually constrained by local politics and economics. And private schools usually relied more on their name and status than their academic record.

Rote learning, memorisation and the so-called three R’s (Reading, writing and Arithmetic) were the main focus of schooling.  Academic success almost meant that you were qualified or had the skills to take on a clerical role in an organisation or government entity.

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STEM vs STEAM: Future-Proofing Education

Posted by Adam Meyerhoff on 19/12/19 22:00

Traditionally-speaking, the education system has always been geared towards preparing students to contribute towards their future roles in the workplace, educated in their respective fields to ensure that they are suitable for the task. The way to achieve this, historically, has been through STEM education. However, with the digital disruption of society through the technological development and advancements of the times, the education system is being forced to adapt its curricula to suit the modern demands of students entering the workforce.

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Why is Creativity, Activity and Service so Important at OWIS?

Posted by Gary Holland on 06/12/19 04:17

We live in challenging times. Climate change is negatively affecting agriculture and food production. Communities are increasingly concerned about how they can conserve natural resources while sustaining growing populations. Fluctuations in the economy, inequitable distribution of resources and an unpredictable job market are making it nearly impossible for disadvantaged people to climb out of poverty. Now more than ever, students need more than textbook knowledge to conquer today's complex problems. At OWIS, that's where creativity, activity, and service (CAS) comes in.

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What is Core Visible Thinking?

Posted by Erin Smith on 06/12/19 00:15

Core Visible Thinking is an educational approach that has been thoroughly researched and has proven to be incredibly effective when applied in a classroom setting. This approach is essentially a collection of practices and routines that can be adapted to the individual classroom depending on the subject matter being taught and the content being discussed at the time. The goal of Core Visible Thinking is not only to improve the culture of thinking in the classroom and enhance critical thinking skills but also to help students develop a deeper understanding of the content being discussed.

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One World International School Expands in Singapore

Posted by Michelle Dickinson on 12/11/19 12:01

SINGAPORE, November 6, 2019 - One World International School (OWIS), one of the fastest-growing international schools in Singapore, today announced the expansion of its operations in Asia, with the opening of its second campus in Singapore and its first campus in Tokyo, Japan.

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Why Music Is Important In Our Schools

Posted by Claire Andersen on 05/11/19 06:11

Bang the Drum and Get it On – why music in our schools is so very important!

Can you imagine a life without music? It would be like a home without love. As soon as we are born we respond to the sounds around us and the first thing we hear is our mother’s voice. And that’s the same voice which sings us to sleep and hums those long-forgotten melodies which are set in our hearts.

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PRESS RELEASE - One world International School Launches International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Posted by Jasween Gill on 22/08/19 17:03

Programme to be offered to OWIS students from August 2019.

SINGAPORE, August 20, 2019 - One World International School (OWIS), one of the fastest growing international schools in Singapore, today announced the rollout of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) from this August 2019. With the authorisation by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), OWIS will be offering the IB DP to 24 students in Grade 11 for the 2019 - 2020 academic year.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Relationships

Posted by Prachi Malhotra on 27/05/19 18:37

Having a healthy mind contributes to a healthy body, and vice versa. Not feeling accepted and valued can have a detrimental impact on children's overall well-being. Nurturing their physical, emotional and social development enhances their ability to cultivate healthy relationships. Fostering an atmosphere of acceptance in the classroom can transform the school environment.

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