The Impact of Art Class on Students

Visible Thinking Routines to Promote Lifelong Learning

What makes an outstanding OWIS teacher?

Globalization and Multicultural Education

Our Space to Engage and Interact | THE MULTI-PURPOSE HALL

For Love of the Game | The sports field at OWIS

Difference Between Concept Driven Curricula and Knowledge Driven Curricula

Discover Best Practice in Early Childhood Education

How Science is Implemented Through PYP For the Next Generation of Learners?

OWIS is Where the SMART Money Goes

How OWIS Uses PYP to Teach Mathematics to 21st Century Learners

How IGCSE Prepares Young Minds for Academic and Professional Success

Why Choose the PYP Primary School Curricula at OWIS?

Why Choose the PYP Early Years Curricula at OWIS?

Intentional School Design and Infrastructure Drives Academic Performance

Early Childhood Education: Building a Strong Foundation for Future Academic Success

A Permanent Commitment to Moderate Fees for a World-Class Education

OWIS Nanyang: Early Childhood Education

OWIS Nanyang: Outdoor Learning (Part 2)

OWIS Nanyang: Outdoor Learning (Part 1)

OWIS Nanyang: The Classroom Experience

Diversity in Education: Better Learners, Leaders and Citizens

The EDB Tender Explained - 4 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Three International Journeys point to the Secret to Successful School Systems

3 Big Future Trends in Education

Technology - How It Impacts Learning and Improves Security and Safety at OWIS

OWIS Nanyang - Our Design Concept Contributes to a Thriving Learning Environment

How Epic Is The OWIS Nanyang Campus

Quality Education at Moderate Fees - Here's How It's Done

Setting Students Up for Success in a 21st-Century World

The Importance of STEAM Is Beyond Dispute, Now More Than Ever

Why Choose One World International School (OWIS)?

A Thoughtfully-Priced Education, a Lifelong Impact


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